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March 1st 15th, 2020

Notification of acceptance

May 2020


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Abstracts submission


The 37th EACME conference will focus on the following four themes:

  • Philosophy and Law Reloaded
    • Epistemologies
    • Theories
    • Histories
    • Legislations
  • New Technologies and Vulnerabilities
    • Medicalisation and Digitalisation
    • Responsibility and Dependency
    • Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence
    • Ageing and Community Care
  • Innovations in Teaching and Supporting Ethical Practice
    • Transforming Ethics Education
    • Teaching Future Teachers
    • Building Ethics Competency
    • New Methods Clinical Ethics Support
  • Research Ethics, Integrity and Governance
    • Revising Principles and Values
    • Misconduct
    • Global Challenges
    • Cases, Rules and Policies
Please follow these instructions to prepare your abstract.

  • Language: English
  • Title: limited to 75 words or 200 characters (includes spaces)
  • Abstract: 250 words, single text field

Dates and times

Until March 1st, 2020
Until March 15th, 2020

EACME Paul Schotsmans prize

If you would like to give a talk at the conference and you are a PhD student, you could apply for an EACME Paul Schotsmans prize. A maximum of 3 prizes is available - 500 Euro each. The selection is based on your abstract that you send to the conference committee to be considered for presentation. The selection criteria are based on the scientific quality of your abstract, its coherence, innovativeness and research context. The selection is directed by the Bureau of EACME. In this case please be sure to specify this information when applying your Abstract paper on the registration page.


Interested in joining 2021 EACME conference in Cluj-Napoca?
Please submit your abstract form for your oral paper or poster presentation, before the  15th of March 2020 to [email protected] or use our website by clicking the button bellow.
Submitted abstract forms will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee.

notification of acceptance

Evaluation of abstracts

The Program Planning Committee will use, among others, the following four criteria for reviewing the abstracts:

  • Contribution to conference topic
  • Clarity of ideas
  • Originality
  • Methodology

Dates and times

May 2020


In May 2020 every person who submitted an abstract paper will be notified via e-mail regarding the acceptance of their abstract paper.



The registration fee includes: book of abstracts, reception, lunch, refreshments during breaks (conference dinner is optional).
Here you can find the list of Low Income Countries and Eastern European Countries.
The final deadline for registration is August 1st 2020. The Early Bird discount of 50 EUR will end on June 1st 2020.

Payment instructions

■ Payment by bank transfer
You can execute the payment immediately using the following details:
IBAN: RO07INGB0000999909222478
■ Payment by credit card or PayPal
You can execute the payment immediately using your card also, by completing the form on the register page. Start there by selecting the option "Register".


■ Early bird registration fees
Prices before June 1st 2020:
  • EACME Member Standard Registration Fee: 350€
  • Non-EACME Member Standard Registration Fee: 400€
  • Eastern Europe and Low-Income Countries Standard Registration Fee: 225€
  • PhD Students Fee: 225€
  • Local university participants: 200€
  • Gala Dinner (optional): 65€
  • Turda Salt Mine Trip (optional) includes transportation, visiting fees + guide, romanian traditional dinner: 50€
■ Regular registration fees
Prices between June 1st and August 1st 2020:
  • EACME Member Standard Registration Fee: 400€
  • Non-EACME Member Standard Registration Fee: 450€
  • Eastern Europe and Low-Income Countries Standard Registration Fee: 275€
  • PhD Students Fee: 275€
  • Local university participants: 250€
  • Gala Dinner (optional): 65€
  • Turda Salt Mine Trip (optional) includes transportation, visiting fees + guide, romanian traditional dinner: 50€


■ Gala Dinner
A special dinner in a special place. The price is 65 EUR.
■ Turda Salt Mine trip
What is included: transportation, visiting fees + guide and Romanian Traditional Dinner. The price is 50 Euro.
Turda Salt Mine is located in Turda (32.2 km distance from Cluj-Napoca, about 40 minutes trip) Located in Turda, the second-largest city in Cluj County, Transylvania, Turda Salt Mine is a must-see Romanian tourist attraction. The mine which dates back to the Middle Ages now serves as a genuine history museum of salt mining. But there’s more to it than that! If you decide to come visit, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to also discover a one-of-a-kind underground amusement park built deep inside the enormous mine. Click here for more details about Turda Salt Mine .

Early Bird Registration deadline

June 1st, 2020

Registration deadline

August 1st, 2020

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation of registration before August 1st is 80% refund of registration fee
  • After August 1st, we will not be able to refund the registration fee
  • We are entitled to cancel the registration(s) made by the customer for reasons of force majeure, without liability to compensation other than a refund of 50% of the fee paid.


If for some reason you require an invoice please send your request to receive the invoice via e-mail to Răzvan Colcer, [email protected].
Make sure to include the following information:
  • Your official name and address
  • Name and legal form of the paying institute/company, contact person, telephone number and email address
  • Billing address
  • A short description of institute’s/company’s core business
  • VAT number (for organizations located in the EU). If your organization is not located in an EU-country, please mention your fiscal number (if applicable) or/and your registration number at the Chamber of Commerce (if applicable)
  • Purchase number, if required by the institute/company

In this case please send us via e-mail [email protected] the informations mentioned above as soon as possible after the payment is completed.


We propose you a list of useful links, such as: the airport transfer services, some cultural attractions and adventure playgrounds in and near the city. Please contact our team, if you have questions or need for guidance.


After you received the acceptance of the abstract and did the registration book your flight and hotel.

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